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Save money with unbreakable,
reusable drinkware

Bartuff designs, manufactures and supplies premium polycarbonate glasses, tumblers, champagne flutes and more.

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Less breakage, less waste, less stress… and lower operating costs!

Bartuff has been supplying plastic drinkware in a range of colours, shapes and sizes since 2008. Our products are used by hospitality venues and event companies all over the world. We stock the majority of our polycarbonate glasses and other plastic drinkware in our Australian warehouse so you get fast, efficient delivery. You can even request custom products for your venue or event. Shop our range or contact us to find out more.

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High Quality Polycarbonate Glasses

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Tough, reusable and great-looking, polycarbonate is the solution for busy venues that have safety requirements or are just plain tired of dealing with broken glass. Lightweight, practical and affordable, this product is used to create wine glasses, beer glasses, tumblers, cocktail glasses, champagne flutes and more. Your polycarbonate glasses are dishwasher safe and can be used time and time again. They are the smart decision to reduce waste and minimise costs at your venue. And your customers can barely tell the difference!

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Food & Wine

Order custom-made unbreakable drinkware

Planning an outdoor festival or event? Forget about the problem of broken glass with cost-effective, reusable polycarbonate glasses from Bartuff. We have supplied food and wine events across Australia and overseas for over 10 years, creating custom designs to make your event and your brand more memorable. Contact us to discuss branded plastic drinkware that is made to order.

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Stylish. Practical. Cost-Effective.

Polycarbonate glasses are the answer to every venue’s breakage and waste problems.
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Fast, Efficient Service

We stock our own product range and deliver direct to our customers.

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Experienced Provider

Bartuff has been producing polycarbonate drinkware since 2008.

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Huge Range

Our collection is suitable for a wide range of venues and budgets.

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Australia’s leading supplier of polycarbonate glasses

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